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This organization is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.

People Inside Electronics accepts your donations via Paypal. As a 501(c)(3), all donations to PIE are tax-deductible and go directly to artist fees and operating costs. Your support is greatly appreciated!

 Friends of PIE:


Thanks to everyone who has supported us past and present!

New Music for the Magnetic Resonator Piano backers:

Andrea Moore
Andrew McPherson
Arlene & Larry Dunn
Ben Phelps
Brian Griffeath-Loeb
Bruce Sesnovich
Casey Anderson
Cha Ming Cheng
Daniel Corral
David Drexler
Doug Laustsen
Elaine Schankler
Emily Rosario

Fritz and Stephanie Lauer
George Schankler
George Wallace
Ian Dicke
Jack Van Zandt
Jason Barabba
Jeffrey Holmes
John Graham
Jonathan Robertson
Judith Kallay
Justine Claironson
Kari Svendsboe
Kurt Isaacson
Linda Robertson
Maggie Parkins
Margaret Schankler
Melinda Misener
Michelle Dewhirst
M. and D. Valitutto
Nadia Shpachenko
Nicholas Deyoe
Rafael Liebich
Rocco Harris
Tina Tallon
Tom Flaherty
Travis Satter
Veronika Krausas
Vicki Ray
Zelda Lin

MEGABYTE ($250+)

Brian Holt
Judith Kallay
George Schankler


Rachel Colligan
Tom Flaherty
John Graham
Sydnie Myrick
Loren Parkins
Paul Sherman
Ceiri Torjussen

BYTE ($30+)

Brett Banducci
Carson Blaker
Jake Bluenote
Rob Brophy
Alma Fernandez
Kragh Hertel
 Veronika Krausas
Elaine Pomery
Chris Pulliam
Christopher Rieder
Michael Roth
Margaret Schankler
David Sherr
Rocco Somazzi

NYBBLE ($20+)

Carolyn Bremer
Nicholas Croft
John Graves
Donna Heath
Karen McMillen
Mark Nelson
Maggie Parkins
Julian Ponce
Nancy Popp
Kate Reddish
Jeremy Reppy

BIT ($10+)

Timur Bekbosunov
David Borgo
Amy Chatfield
Stephen Cohn
Jonathan Decker
Natalie Draper
David Rhodes
Jon Roy
Heather Stebbins